Our Mission

  • To foster local support for marginalized communities in the United States, with an emphasis on regions where they are not supported by municipal funding and/or public opinion.

  • To move a progressive population from sentiment to action by providing simple ways for them to volunteer, donate, and engage with local organizations that support communities and ideas in distress.

  • To provide a thoughtful and practical service to artists who understand their position as a nexus for an empathetic, progressive audience, and who would like an opportunity to make a positive impact on each town they visit.

  • To create more sustainably active, educated, and civic-minded citizens for and beyond the next election cycle.

What We Do is Simple

We provide artists with a diverse list of local organizations in their coming tour markets that support marginalized local communities and issues or provide services to groups in need.

We work with under-funded, under-resourced, under-staffed, and under-promoted organizations. Artists choose organizations in one, some, or all of their US tour markets.   

If 1% of an artist’s audience at a single show becomes actively engaged with the hosted group, that organization can experience a transformative effect.

As a baseline engagement, artists offer to host the organization at their own table next to their merch spot. We provide the artist with a primer on each organization and, beyond providing the table, the extent of the engagement with the organization in each city is up to them. They might announce the organization from the stage, meet the organizer at soundcheck, etc. Mission Impact Partners is available and eager to create as much engagement as the artist is interested in.  

With twenty years experience supporting artists on the road, our interest is in creating a seamless experience for the artist, venue, and audience. Mission Impact Partners advances all details on behalf of the organization ahead of time with tour management or a band representative.

Participation IMPACT

  • Drive awareness, volunteers, resources, and donations to a local progressive organization in need

  • Turn empathetic citizens into engaged activists working to support and protect marginalized communities and causes

  • Increase voter registration and turnout

  • Help build a kinder, more connected, educated, empathetic, progressive, and politically active community

Pic of Orgs.jpeg

Example organizations in the Omaha, NE market